MAC Store Grand (Re?) Opening

First of I don’t know whether to call it a grand opening or grand reopening. MAC just moved locations in the mall not big push or celebrating.

Whatever you want to call it was  an underwhelming event. Grand opening weekend, Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon and there was maybe 3 people (no more than 5) in the store and about 20 associates and a DJ. They had a first 200 in line get an exclusive gift but other then that no other event, or promo nothing to draw people in. I should mention that this MAC location is right beside Sephora. It was a perfect opportunity wasted to grabbed some attention for MAC.

When the boarding went up it went up with the art of the lip signage. I was excited cause I thought we would get an art of the lip store. We didn’t get an art of the lip MAC store we just got the same ol’ MAC store in a different location. The art of the lip MAC store still remains an urban legend to me. Maybe one day I will see one. Square One does host the second Canadian stand alone Urban Decay store so why not An Art of The Lip MAC store right. Maybe I was being too greedy in thinking both stores on the same mall.

As best as I could get the whole store
Yep right beside Sephora
Enter a caption

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