Valentines Nails

I know I’m late in posting this but my annoyance and frustration levels have been through the roof. I lost everything on my old phone and I do everything all my photos, videos, posts I had ready it’s all gone. I know it’s not life shattering but it’s very annoying and frustrating when you back up and it’s 99% effective in restoring but when your that 1% that it isn’t effective for, it’s really frustrating to try and get everything back (if possible) or just move on and adjust to losing all the Birthday, events I have attended, concerts and just general pictures, and videos. I will be looking into online picture back ups now cause I ain’t losing everything a second time. Anyone know of any good online picture and video back ups?

Excuse the rant above but onto the actual post, this is what I’m actually late in posting, my Valentine’s nails


I was trying to be artsy with the background, and stickers. The colours used are below from the Sephora formula X curators Patrick Start collection, one of my favourite collections.


The colours used are the sparkly one on the left lucky starrr, and the light pink in the middle she better werk


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