Koko Collection

A really really late post. I got my Koko collection over a month ago, my phone issues again.

I really do like the Koko Collection, it was my very first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. I’m pleasantly surprised by first how fast it came just one week and the quality of the product.


It comes in a basic black box with a note from Kylie Jenner. The actual product comes in a smaller white 2 piece box.

I have used Khlo$ a warm nude colour and Damn Gina a pinky, peachy shimmery gloss a lot either on their own or Damn Gina layered over Khlo$


Damn Gina
I have used Okurrr a bright fushia pink quite  a few times too.


The only one I haven’t used and I don’t really like is Gorg. On me it looks really really dark almost a black lipstick with just a hint of purple. The colour doesn’t look that dark in the tube and on swatches I have seen. I guess my pale colouring just makes it look really really darker.


Overall I say this is a great collection and I’m definitely happy with my purchase. Now the Koko Collection is available as single lip kits on KylieCosmetics.com I’m not sure if the Koko is available as a 4 piece kit but I would still purchase it instead of the singles. I use 3/4 colours and bought the kit for $40Us which I think is $56 in Canada.

They are incredibly pigmented, long lasting, except the gloss and if you layer the gloss over Khlo$, Ourrr, or Gorg they don’t  as long but still last a decent amount of time.

I give this collection 4/5 it loses a star for Gorg which I can’t wear.

Would I buy from Kylie Cosmetics again, yes definitely. I’m kinda eyeing her new velvet lip kits but we will see on that.

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