The Body Shop Face Mask

First off I did a little updating and tweaking of my blog. I want to have a blog and I just jumped right in without knowing anything lol. I’m learning as a I go along so there will little updates, tweaking and maybe some cleaning up as I learn more, and figured out how to use WordPress more efficiently. 

On to the review! I have never used a face mask before so this is literally my first experience ever. I have to say it was a good one. There are 5 available types clarifying, nourishing, energizing, plumping and purifying and they each have differ scents. I chose the Ethiopian honey nourishing face. Living in Canada I figured a nourishing mask will be beneficial especially during the winter months. 

It is a clear yellow tinted honey textured mask. A warning though it does have a strong kinda honey (don’t know to describe it) scent, but that was only for the first time. The second time I hardly noticed the scent. 

Wet face and apply it with either your fingers or a face mask brush. I ended up buying the set that includes the brush so I use it with the brush. Leave on for 5-10 mins and rinse with warm water and my face is feeling so nourished and so moisturizered. I apply some moisturizer on top (not needed though) and my face feels refreshed for a couple of days. 

I give 5/5 I love how it makes my face feel.

Would I buy it again: Yes definitely 

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