Kylie Cosmetics New Velvet Lip Kit and other lippies


L-R Literally, Harmony, King K, Head over Heels

My second purchase from Kylie Cosmetics finally arrived. I order during one of her buy one get a free gloss or metallic lip single free. I wanted to try the new velvet lip kits so I purchased Harmony. I also purchased Head Over Heels which was a colour from the Valentines collection now available as a lip kit. My free items are King K metallic liquid lipstick and Literally a gloss liquid lipstick.

Harmony, a velvet liquid lipstick it’s a pink, peachy kinda nude with a pop of colour. I really like this velvets it doesn’t dry down so it’s not drying on the lips. It feels great on the lips too. I did have to touch up a few times but if you layer it over the lip liner (just line your lips and then fill them in and put the lipstick on top) you can cut down the touch ups needed. I want to buy another one but I want more colours.

Head Over Heels, is a matte liquid lipstick and described as deep plum. I was afraid it might be too dark for me, it’s not. It’s a perfect (middle type) colour for when I want a more bolder lip. It dries down to a matte finish, highly pigmented, no touch up needed and feels comfortable on my lips.

King K, a metallic gold liquid lipstick. The swatches I had seen of this were a rosey  gold colour and that’s the colour I thought it was. It’s just a gold metallic colour no pink or rose colour. I’m kinda unsure about this one, I think it might wash me out a bit. I haven’t worn it out yet only tried it once on my lips. It did feel comfortable, it’s not a matte it’s more of a creamy mouse and was easy to apply. I will probably try to layer it on top of another lipstick. It was one of my free items so I’m just going to play around with it and see what works.

Literally, a glossy darker nude liquid lipstick. I think this is my first dark nude gloss and I love it. I sometimes want a dark nude colour because I’m not feeling the light ones but I want some colour, this colour is perfect for those days. It applies easily and feels comfortable, not sticky, but touch ups are needed. This was one of my free items.

L-R Harmony, Head over Heels, King k, Literally

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. It took much longer then the first time I ordered. Last time my purchase arrived within a week, this time it took almost a month and I had to pay taxes on full amount in Canadian dollars. So I kinda didn’t really get the buy one get on free. The two free single liquid lipsticks were valued at $15 and $17US and I had to pay $26 Canadian in taxes. I would still order from Kylie Cosmetics again, I don’t mind waiting but hopefully I won’t t have to pay extra. This was my first time having to pay the taxes and also my first time with my total order value being over $100Can, even though I didn’t actually pay that much, my total purchase value was less then half that.

I give it 4 1/2 out 5 and I would order again from Kylie Cosmetics. There is another buy one get free event going on this Easter Weekend! Hmmm……. should I get something?


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