Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Top Coat

First Impressions of these when I heard about them: ‘these look so cool, I have to buy at least one’ fast forward to having bought two and trying them on for the first time. Me: ‘ugh these aren’t what I expected, I’m kinda disappointed in this.’ 

Keep in mind there were about 3-4 colours missing, or sold out. I didn’t want  a too funky of a colour so no blue, green etc. I thought purple would be a safer bet. I also didn’t like the two whiter ones they just seem too white. 

The two I ended up buying were Monarchy (left) and Reverb (right). Swatching them on my hand instore they seemed like the best ones. 

Monarchy is described as a cool sparkling purple with a blue and purpl glitter. 

Just applying this to my bare lips I didn’t like it, the way it applies and the colour. It is not sticky and feels good on my lips, but it applies very clumpy and  it just looks and reminds me of sand. Although the actual product doesn’t feel and isn’t  grainy it does look like someone took purple sand with glitter and smeared it on my lips. Applying it over various other Liquid lips and lipstick produce varied results. I found that it’s best to apply this one over a darker purple, plum, dark berry toned colour. I do think the brush should have been different for this. It’s a gloss but I would have wanted a more shaped brush even the doe shaped brush. I think a better brush would have resulted in a more precise application. The thin brush just smears it around on the lips you can’t line or fill adequately. In the end I’m not satisfied and kinda disappointed with this product.  

Reverb is described as a medium-dark neutral purple with sliver and purple glitter and shimmer. 

Basically I feel the same way about this as I do about Monarchy. I find the colour is less intense in this one and I can layer it as a top coat and get slightly better results. This one works best on darker shades and colours too.

Overall thoughts: meh, it didn’t live up to the hype I thought these would be different. I have used Reverb more than Monarchy and find it slightly easier to work with. 

Would I buy again? This product no, from Urban Decay yes I usually love or at least like there stuff. 

Rating: I give Monarchy 2/5 I really don’t like it. Reverb 3/5 I have used it more but it’s still not worth it. I almost feel like I wasted my money on these. 


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