Smashbox Lip Art World Tour in Toronto

I have had been reading about viewing pictures and watching snaps and ig stories about the Smashbox Lip Art World Tour with Vlada, especially the Coachella stuff. I wish that somehow they would come to Canada. Then I saw the Facebook ad.

I saw this on Thursday and made plans right away to go, it was only 2 days away. I had work that morning but finished at 2:30 and on my way I was.

Follow along from my snapchat story of that day.

Got my wristband and I’m ready to go

You needed a $28 Smashbox purchase and surprise surprise that’s the price of a Be Legendary Liquid Lip. I went to Sephora and I did pick one up and a few other items (to be revealed in another post). The lip art event was being held in centre court so I made my way there expecting a line or at least a few people. Absolutely no one was there lol.  You can see from my photo they aren’t many people there that didn’t work the event. Good for me because I didn’t have to wait.

Got my photo but where is Vlada?
A close up of my lip art is below. I was kinda disappointed it was only half a lip. I was expecting a whole lip lip art. I did get the metallic liquid lip in foiled brat with glitter and sparkles.

And a boomerang

Even though I didn’t get a photo with Vlada she did walk by as I was sitting on the bench.  I did seriously consider going back and trying to get a photo with Vlada. I guess she was on her break before. Who can blame her if on one was coming to see her.

My only photo of Vlada
I did walk around the Eaton Centre and I did get a handful of stares but for the most part people didn’t notice or care which was a good thing for me.

Of course you can’t go the Eaton Centre without at least doing some shopping, so what did I buy? Consider this a tease for a future post.


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