The Body Shop Mother’s Day tote bag

First off I’m going to really really try to post more regularly.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! Hope you all had a good day and yes I know that Mother’s Day was more then a week ago. 

My mom is the type that doesn’t want anything fancy, frivolous, or even sappy so essentially anything not is not needed which I learned the hard way back when. My mom likes (maybe even loves but she won’t admit it) The Body Shop products especially their Aloe Vera line. So for Mother’s Day and her birthday, (which is great cause they are spaced months apart) I usually stocked her up on the stuff she needs replacing and throw in a few new ones for her to try. 

The Body Shop Mother’s Day tote worked like this you need to spend you spend $30 (instore and online, but the online tote has different items and it’s a cheaper value then the one instore) and you can buy the tote with full size products for $35 so essentially your at least spending $65 and at the time it was buy 3 products get 3 free along with the tote bag purchase and 10% off everything if your a love your body member. I love good deals and being able to combine sales so for this one you where able to combine 3 different deals which made it an especially great deal. 

I bought 3 tea tree facial wipes, both my mom and I use them. I use them more and so far no other facial wipe has come close to them. My mom uses them occasionally so one pack for her lasts and lasts. She doesn’t like the tea tree smell that they have while I have used them for so long I honestly don’t notice the smell anymore. I do remember when I first started using them thought that I didn’t like the smell and thought I wouldn’t buy them again. I was wrong on not buying them again lol. With continued use (I use them at least 3 times a week) you get accumstomed to the smell and don’t noticed it. Now they are my absolute favourite facial wipes. These ended up being my 3 free products, $12.50 each.

I purchased the Aloe Soothing day cream. Now this one is my moms favourite cream other then the Nivea blue tub cream. I haven’t used this onemyself  but my mom uses it daily to calm and soothe her redness, and it really works. This is the item that goes into every gift cause even if she has some at the moment she will use and it has no fragrance and no smell another reason she loves it. $20

The new item I picked up is the Aloe soothing moisture lotion with spf 15. I’m not sure if she will like this one cause usually she doesn’t like creams and lotions with spf because they do irrate her skin. Now this being for sensitive skin and part of the Aloe line that soothes I think it might be different but we will see how she feels about it. I can’t remember but I think it was around $20. 

Lastly I bought something for myself. The Insta glow cc cream. It’s a multi tasking product that is suppose to illuminate and give your skin a healthy glow, your minimize your pores, reduces shine and moisturizer your skin for 24 hrs. A lot of claims we will see what it does. $24.00

So if I were to purchase everything without any discounts it would be $136.50. Buy 3 get 3 free deal ($37.50 discount which are the facial wipes) now $99.00. 10% discount for being a love your body member ($9.90, legacy green card as they are calling it now) so I paid $89.10 before taxes. 

Some items included in the tote bag are:

The Drops of youth, youth concentrate, a full size 30ml product, a $40 value. I’m not sure that my mom will use this as she is very particular about her skin and at 72 years young her skin still looks amazing very few fine lines and hardly any wrinkles. I hope she passed those genes down to me. Honestly every time I’m in the Body Shop it seems someone is buying or asking questions about drops of youth. It seems to be one of their best sellers and it’s why I wanted to get the tote bag in the first place. I have never used anything from the drops of youth line either, but it’s something I have been curious about for a while. 

Almond Hand and Nail Manicure Cream. I love this stuff is so good and completely revives my dry hands especially in the severe Canadian winter weather. I bought a few tubes of this already so it will definitely come in handy. I also love the smell of this. 

Other items included in the tote bag are: Satsuma Shower Gel, coconut body butter, and a bath puff. 

The contents of the tote bag
One side of the tote
The other side of the tote


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