Happy St. Patrick’s Day

🍀🇮🇪 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone 🇮🇪🍀 My St. Patrick's Day nails. This is my first time using green nail polish on all my nails. I actually do like how this turned even more so then I thought. Colour used is Revlon Posh, and nail stickers are from Claire's. I'm very tempted to use this … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day


The Body Shop Face Mask

First off I did a little updating and tweaking of my blog. I want to have a blog and I just jumped right in without knowing anything lol. I'm learning as a I go along so there will little updates, tweaking and maybe some cleaning up as I learn more, and figured out how to … Continue reading The Body Shop Face Mask

Koko Collection

A really really late post. I got my Koko collection over a month ago, my phone issues again. I really do like the Koko Collection, it was my very first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. I'm pleasantly surprised by first how fast it came just one week and the quality of the product. It comes in a … Continue reading Koko Collection

Valentines Nails

I know I'm late in posting this but my annoyance and frustration levels have been through the roof. I lost everything on my old phone and I do everything all my photos, videos, posts I had ready it's all gone. I know it's not life shattering but it's very annoying and frustrating when you back … Continue reading Valentines Nails